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Gates Open @ 6pm
Pill Draw Ends @ 7:15pm
Hot Laps @ 7:30pm
Racing @ 8pm
General Admission - $10
Kids 10-under FREE
Pit Passes - $25
Track Promoter - Bobby Johnson
Track Phone - 573-756-8889

Our Next Race is Friday, July 10th!!!                                           Congratulations to Our June 26th Winners!!!                                               Caged Karts- Crockett Griffin                                                600cc Multis- Allen Cope                                                          B-Modifieds- Greg Price                                                           Mini Stocks- Jathon Cruse                                                           Pure Steets- Tracis Goodman

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For text alerts concerning rain outs,go to

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The wieght rule for the Kart Class will be 300lbs!!




Congratulations to Our June 26th Winners!!!

Caged Karts - Crockett Griffin

600cc Micros - Allen Cope

B-Modifieds - Greg Price

Mini Stocks - Jathon Cruse

Pure Streets - Travis Goodman





Congratulations to Our June 12th Winners!!!

Caged Karts - Logan Donze

600cc Micros - Ryan Mueller

B-Modifieds - Matt Denoyer

Mini Stocks - Kyle Jarrett

Pure Streets - Zach Resinger






Congratulations to Our May 22nd Winners!!!

Caged Karts - Shane Minks

600cc Micros - Joe B Miller

B-Modifieds - Kodi Savage

Mini Stocks - Mark Coffman

Pure Streets - Joe Merritt





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Congratulations to Our May 1st Winners!!!

Caged Karts - Logan Donze

600cc Micros - Dusty Young

B-Modifieds - Kyle Stolzer

Mini Stocks - Mark Coffman

Pure Streets - Travis Goodman






2015 Caged Kart Engine Rules and B-Mod Transmission Rules have been updated on the rules page.







This year we will be awarding the Top 10 in Points for each class, Thanks to our Great Sponsors!!!

Get your tickets reserved for our Banquet, January 24th now as tickets are going fast!!!






********** 600cc Multi Drivers **********

You will be required to use RaceCeivers in 2015!






Rock Auto